29 May 2012

£165,504 saved

The worry for Robert is if the council manage really well without him and start to wonder what they got for their £165,504 per annum.

From: First Team
Sent: 29 May 2012 16:01
To: AllStaff

Subject: Message from the Chief Executive - Director of Children's Service secondment

I am writing to let you all know that our Director of Children’s Service, Robert McCulloch-Graham, will be seconded to the National Troubled Families Programme at DCLG for 12 months. This is a significant opportunity for Robert and for the council that reflects Barnet’s strength in this field and the commitment of Robert and staff in the service to support children in the most troubled of circumstances.

As you know, we have long argued that effectively joining up a range of public services around a service user’s needs is central to how this council should support residents in the future. Our work with troubled families is the perfect illustration of this and reflects national support for our work.

Given that there is a Senior Management Restructure underway, I have decided, in consultation with the relevant Cabinet members, that Kate Kennally, Director of Adult Social Care and Health, will take on the additional statutory Director of Children’s Service duties. This allows all of the Children’s Service Management team to remain in place and provide as much continuity as is possible. I will be working with Kate and Robert and their management teams to manage the transition. This will involve asking both Jay Mercer (Deputy Director, Children’s Service) and Dawn Wakeling (Deputy Director, Adults) to take on additional duties and I am grateful for their support.


A good plan. Take out the top man and get his salary paid from elsewhere. The top of the tree is often simply a figurehead and the lower orders do the real work anyway, the passed on duties will cause a cascading of tasks down the line to the very bottom. The one thing that "non stick" didn't say was whether or not the 3 people taking on more duties, but no more hours, are going to get any extra payment? Mr Mustard does hope not as they get more than enough pay already. Of course, we are only losing Robert for 12 months which soon goes and so making any permanent changes without taking account of his return in 2013 would be silly.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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