1 March 2012

Why was this DPR top secret?

GCHQ - possibly less secretive than Barnet Council
When Mr Mustard sees that a Delegated Powers Report has been issued and it is entirely exempt from publication he firstly thinks "what a load of tosh; it can't all be secret" and then he thinks "I will have to ask for that under FOI" thus a secretive council can expect more FOI requests.

So having seen that the DPR to reorganise, once again, the departments which are now called Environment, Planning & Regeneration, the second game of musical chairs in 12 months, he wants to see the document. Here it is.

1499 Reorganisation of EPR

So now you have seen it, was it really worth keeping secret?

Feel free to explain in the comment box why this document was so secret that only it's existence and the overall subject matter was known.

Naturally you would think that having released the document under FOI it would now be in the published list of DPRs? No, it is still showing as exempt.

Yours openly

Mr Mustard

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  1. hmm: was it because yet another external interim was appointed? Something significant somewhere, as I see Pam Wharfe has become Pamela.


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