14 March 2012

Should Barnet Council have an intranet?

picture credit: The Guardian
Executive summary

  • Barnet Council give information to staff which could be published externally
  • FOI is an essential tool
  • The council are concerned about leakage of information and consequential possible bad publicity
  • Nick Walkley is relatively well paid

An intranet is a computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to securely share any part of an organization's information or network operating system within that organization.

Here is a message from the Barnet Council intranet which, in theory, Mr Mustard should not have but which he could have asked for under FOI if he knew it existed (a bit of a catch 22 that one).

Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of dealing with information

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 15:15 Schroder, Johnathan
It is common sense for staff to preserve the privacy of sensitive information they deal with at work and many may be wondering what terms like data protection, Freedom of Information and information governance have to do with them?
And yet accidents happen. Several high-profile data breaches in other local authorities have hit the media and led the council to set up its own Information Governance Council (IGC) to make the governance of data and information sharing everybody’s business.

The council’s aspiration to demonstrate best practice in information management and security policy will be judged on the every day actions of staff. So it’s down to all of us to make sure we are up to speed on the council’s policies and agreements and to feed back where we might experience difficulties in implementing them in our day to day work.

Look out in the coming weeks for an e-learning tool on information governance which all staff will be expected to complete, and in the meantime check out the new section on the intranet dedicated to the work of the IGC.

The new information governance framework includes guidance on all aspects of the safe keeping and appropriate sharing of information, whether verbal, paper based or electronic, to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act, CCTV, the Transparency Agenda and any other aspect of the council’s work.

The next edition of the council’s Info First newsletter, the sister publication to First Team, will be out in March with more news on this topic, including news on the council’s recent internal data protection compliance audit and details of Barnet’s new FOI system.

Courtney Davis, who is heading up the Information Management Strategy Implementation project, said: 

“We aim to raise the profile of the vitally important business of good governance of the council’s information. It’s absolutely essential that all our staff take data sharing and data protection seriously, especially as we enter into a period of real and sustained organisational transformation.
I urge all staff to log on to the intranet when our e-learning tool is released and make sure they are properly skilled up to deliver the policies.”

Now the question Mr Mustard asks is what was there in the above message which couldn't be shared with council tax payers and he can't see anything that should be secret. That makes him think therefore that the council should put messages to staff on the internet (i.e. publicly) and not on the intranet (where they may become public anyway).

Mr Mustard was thinking about information when he looked for a pretty graphic to put at the top of the page. The website it was from is here. It happens to be an article in the Guardian about

Top paid civil servants and quango chiefs: See who gets the most

If you click the "get the data" link at the top of the page on the Guardian website you can see the pay rates of senior civil servants and quango chiefs. Nick Walkley has been added to the below list by Mr Mustard. Please bear in mind that some of the lowest paid positions could be part time. It tells you on the Guardian website if you download all the data.

Name Job Title Organisation Pay floor £
Brian Woods-Scawen Non-Executive Chair, audit committee and board member, PDCS Department for Work and Pensions 30,000
John Clare Non-Executive Chair, Jobcentre Plus Department for Work and Pensions 30,000
Dr David Allen Non-Executive Director Defence Board and Chair Audit Committee Ministry of Defence 30,000
Sandra Rogers Non-Executive Chair UKHO Ministry of Defence 35,000
Sir Richard Mottram Non-Executive Chair Dstl Defence Science and Technology Laboratory 40,000
Ian Rushby Non-Executive Director Defence Board and Chair Audit Committee Ministry of Defence 40,000
Robert Napier Non-Executive Chair Met Office Ministry of Defence 40,000
Jamie Pike Non-Executive Chair DSG Ministry of Defence 40,000
Sir Roy McNulty Deputy Chairman Olympic Delivery Authority 40,000
Sir Bill Callaghan Chair Legal Services Commission 50,000
Paul Lee Chairman Horserace Betting Levy Board 60,000
David Edmonds Chair, Legal Services Board Legal Services Board 60,000
Elizabeth France Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints Office for Legal Complaints 70,000
Sir David Latham Chairman Parole Board 75,000
David Haslam Professional Advisor Care Quality Commission 85,000
Robert Napier Chair of HCA Board Homes and Communities Agency 90,000
Prof Sir Alasdair Breckenridge Chairman Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 90,000
Dame Suzi Leather Chair Charity Commission for England and Wales 100,000
Dame Janet Paraskeva Chair Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 100,000
Richard Foster CBE Chairman Criminal Cases Review Commission 100,000
Mike Clasper Non- Executive Chair HM Revenue and Customs 100,000
Sir Brian Briscoe Non Executive Chair HS2 Limited 100,000
Sir Michael Scholar Chair UK Statistics Authority 100,000
Lord Chris Smith Chairman Environment Agency 105,000
Philip Fletcher Chairman Ofwat 105,000
Trevor Phillips Chair Commission for Equality and Human Rights (known as the Equality and Human Rights Commission) 110,000
B Richardson Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 120,000
Anna Walker Chair Office of Rail Regulation 120,000
Jennie Price Chief Executive Sport England 125,000
Brian Scammell Chief Credit Officer - Commercial Real Estate Asset Protection Agency 130,000
Dame Deirdre Hutton Chairman Civil Aviation Authority 130,000
Professor Robert Watson Chief Scientific Adviser Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 135,000
Andrew McNaughton Chief Engineer HS2 Limited 140,000
Alan Davey Chief Executive Arts Council England 150,000
Stephan Wilcke CEO Asset Protection Agency 150,000
Stuart Mills Property Director British Waterways Board 150,000
David Sprackling Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 150,000
Jeremy Heywood Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's Office Cabinet Office 150,000
John McCready Head, Government Property Unit, Shareholder Executive Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 150,000
Mark Fisher Operations Director for Jobseekers & Skills Department for Work and Pensions 150,000
Jammi Rao Deputy Regional Director of Public Health for West Midlands Department of Health 150,000
Graham Ledward Director of Resources Environment Agency 150,000
Dr Stephen Morton Regional Director Health Protection Agency 150,000
Dr Marion McEvoy Unit Director Health Protection Agency 150,000
Nirmal Kotecha Major Projects Director Highways Agency 150,000
Michael Fuller QPM Chief Inspector of HMCPSI HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate 150,000
Tom Scholar Second Permanent Secretary HM Treasury 150,000
Professor Philip Cowen Clinical Consultant ESS Oxford Medical Research Council 150,000
Professor Nick Wareham Director Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge Medical Research Council 150,000
Professor Simon Phillips Director, Research Complex at Harwell Medical Research Council 150,000
Sir Stuart Peach Chief of Joint Operations Ministry of Defence 150,000
Bruce Houlder QC Director Service Prosecutions Ministry of Defence 150,000
Philip Raffaelli Surgeon General Ministry of Defence 150,000
Neil Hayward HR Director, Civil Service Resourcing Ministry of Justice 150,000
Beverley Shears Director of Offender Management, East Midlands National Offender Management Service 150,000
Paul Jones NHS Chief Technology Officer NHS Connecting for Health 150,000
Tom Fothergill Director of Finance NHS Litigation Authority 150,000
Jim McLaughlin Human Resources Director Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 150,000
Jon Phillips Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 150,000
Adam Sampson Chief Executive and Chief Ombudsman Office for Legal Complaints 150,000
Patrick Leeson Director, Development Education and Care Ofsted 150,000
John Goldup National Director, Development and Strategy Ofsted 150,000
Celia Carlisle General Counsel Olympic Delivery Authority 150,000
Geoff Russell Chief Executive, Skills Funding Agency Skills Funding Agency 150,000
Rona Chester Chief Operating Officer Sport England 150,000
Vincent Moran Operations Director British Waterways Board 155,000
Hayley Rogers Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 155,000
Jon Cunliffe Permanent Secretary, European and Global Issues Secretariat Cabinet Office 155,000
Simon McKinnon Information and Technology Director Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 155,000
Iain Osborne Group Director Regulatory Policy Civil Aviation Authority 155,000
Padhraic Kelleher Head of Airworthiness Civil Aviation Authority 155,000
Archie Hughes Chief Executive Defence Support Group Defence Support Group 155,000
Mark Russell Head, Corporate Finance Practice, Shareholder Executive Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 155,000
Jonathan Stephens Permanent Secretary Department for Culture, Media and Sport 155,000
Steve Heminsley Finance Director Employment Group Department for Work and Pensions 155,000
Bill Gunnyeon Director of Health, Work & Wellbeing and DWP Chief Medical Advisor Department for Work and Pensions 155,000
Dr Gillian Underhill Consultant Virologist Health Protection Agency 155,000
Dr Kenneth Mutton Consultant Virologist Health Protection Agency 155,000
Richard Ennis Executive Director - Finance & Corporate Services Homes and Communities Agency 155,000
David Lunts Executive Director - London Homes and Communities Agency 155,000
Professor Timothy Aitman Programme Leader, Physiological Genomics and Medicine, Clinical Sciences Centre London Medical Research Council 155,000
Stephen Love Chief Executive/Chief Constable MoD Police and Guarding Agency Ministry of Defence 155,000
Nicholas Gargan CEO National Policing Improvement Agency 155,000
Nicholas Scholte Chief Executive Officer NHS Business Services Authority 155,000
Dr Mark Davies Executive Medical Director NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care 155,000
Stuart Cook Partner Smarter Grids and Governance Ofgem 155,000
Mark Grimshaw Chief Executive Rural Payments Agency 155,000
Jonathan Evans Director General of the Security Service Security Service 155,000
Lynne Brindley Chief Executive The British Library 155,000
Michael Dixon Museum Director The Natural History Museum 155,000
Paul Jenkins QC HM Procurator General, Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government Legal Service Treasury Solicitor's Department 155,000
Steve Cowley Chief Executive, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority UK Atomic Energy Authority 155,000
Will Evans Head of Business Affairs UK Film Council 155,000
Jim Stirling Technical Director British Waterways Board 160,000
Edward Stell Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 160,000
Matt Tee Permanent Secretary for Government Communications Cabinet Office 160,000
Alex Allan Chairman of the JIC and Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis Cabinet Office 160,000
Anthony Douglas Chief Executive Officer Cafcass 160,000
Mark Swan Director Airspace Policy Civil Aviation Authority 160,000
Peter Lewis Chief Executive Crown Prosecution Service 160,000
Howard Orme Director General, Finance and Commercial Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 160,000
Professor Sir Adrian Smith Director General, Knowledge and Innovation Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 160,000
Martin Donnelly Head of BIS Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 160,000
Bronwyn Hill Permanent Secretary Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 160,000
Stephen Holt Director of Change Management Department for Work and Pensions 160,000
Una O'Brien Permanent Secretary Department of Health 160,000
Dr Penny Bevan Director - Emergency Preparedness Department of Health 160,000
Dr Rashmi Shukla Regional Director of Public Health West Midlands Department of Health 160,000
David Jordan Director of Operations Environment Agency 160,000
Dr Robert Spencer Consultant Medical Microbiologist Health Protection Agency 160,000
Dave Hartnett Permanent Secretary for Tax HM Revenue and Customs 160,000
JonathanTaylor Director General, Financial Services and Stability HM Treasury 160,000
Peter Makeham Director General, Strategy & International Home Office 160,000
Alan Doran Chief Executive Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority 160,000
John Saunders Chief Executive Infrastructure Planning Commission 160,000
Chris Kenny Chief Executive Legal Services Board 160,000
Sean Bell Saudi Arabia Project Team Ministry of Defence 160,000
Susanna Mason Director Corporate Commercial Ministry of Defence 160,000
Nick Ramsay Director, ICT Portfolio and Programmes Ministry of Justice 160,000
Helen Edwards Director General, Justice Policy Group Ministry of Justice 160,000
Dr Fergus Macbeth Centre for Clinical Practice Director National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 160,000
Nicholas Serota Director Tate 160,000
E Goodwin Chief Executive Waste and Resources Action Programme 160,000
Ion Dagtoglou Chief Investment Officer Asset Protection Agency 165,000
Jens Bech Chief Risk Officer Asset Protection Agency 165,000
Nigel Johnson Legal & Corporate Services Director British Waterways Board 165,000
Richard Jackson Group Director Consumer Protection Civil Aviation Authority 165,000
Sir Ken Knight Director, Chief Fire & Rescue Advisor Department for Communities and Local Government 165,000
Hunada Nouss Director General, Group Finance Department for Work and Pensions 165,000
Terry Moran Director General, Universal Credit Department for Work and Pensions 165,000
Moira Wallace Permanent Secretary Department of Energy and Climate Change 165,000
Jenny Williams Chief Executive Gambling Commission 165,000
Professor Sir John Beddington Government Chief Scientific Adviser Government Office for Science 165,000
Dr Stephen Inglis Executive Director Health Protection Agency 165,000
Professor Barry Cookson Director - Laboratory of Healthcare Associated Infection Health Protection Agency 165,000
Dr Robert George Director - Respiratory and Systemic Reference Laboratory Health Protection Agency 165,000
Dr John Simpson Head of Emergency Preparedness Health Protection Agency 165,000
Dr Angela Iverson Unit Director Health Protection Agency 165,000
Robin Dormer Senior Parliamentary Counsel Law Commission 165,000
Carolyn Downs Chief Executive Legal Services Commission 165,000
Sir Trevor Soar Commander-In-Chief Fleet Ministry of Defence 165,000
Sir Simon Bryant Commander-in-Chief Air Command Ministry of Defence 165,000
Les Mosco Director Commercial Defence Equipment and Support Ministry of Defence 165,000
Sir Richard Shirreff Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Ministry of Defence 165,000
Sir Nick Parker Commander-in-Chief Land Forces Ministry of Defence 165,000
Jonathan Kestenbaum Chief Executive, NESTA NESTA 165,000
Bernard Crump Chief Executive NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement 165,000
William Emery Chief Executive Office of Rail Regulation 165,000
Lorraine Langham Director, Organisational Development Ofsted 165,000
Sir John Sawers Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service Secret Intelligence Service 165,000
Richard Alderman Director Serious Fraud Office 165,000
Martin Davidson Chief Executive of the British Council The British Council 165,000
Adrian Hogarth Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 170,000
Elizabeth Gardiner Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 170,000
Leonie McLaughlin Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 170,000
Alan Hardy Finance and Commercial Director Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 170,000
Miss Chris Jesnick Finance & Corporate Services Director Civil Aviation Authority 170,000
Peter Freedman Chairman, Competition Commission Competition Commission 170,000
Sir Gerald Barling President, Competiton Service Competition Service 170,000
Sir Bob Kerslake Permanent Secretary Department for Communities and Local Government 170,000
Lin Homer Permanent Secretary Department for Transport 170,000
Prof David Salisbury Director of Immunisation Department of Health 170,000
Prof Paul Johnstone Regional Director of Public Health Yorkshire & Humber Department of Health 170,000
Kim Darroch UK Permanent Representative to the EU Foreign and Commonwealth Office 170,000
Dr Nandini Shetty Consultant Microbiologist Health Protection Agency 170,000
Dr Bernard McCloskey Regional Director Health Protection Agency 170,000
Dr Harsh Duggal Unit Director Health Protection Agency 170,000
Lesley Strathie Chief Executive & Permanent Secretary HM Revenue and Customs 170,000
Andrew Rose Acting Chief Executive Infrastructure UK HM Treasury 170,000
Professor Iain Chalmers Clinical Consultant, Oxford Centre Science Medical Research Council 170,000
John Hirst Chief Executive Met Office Met Office 170,000
Sir John McColl Was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Ministry of Defence 170,000
Sir Peter Wall Chief of the General Staff Ministry of Defence 170,000
Professor Peter Littlejohns Clinical and Public Health Director National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 170,000
Dr Gillian Leng Deputy Chief Exec & Evidence and Practice Director National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 170,000
Mike Robinson Chief Executive UK Hydrographic Office UK Hydrographic Office 170,000
David Cook Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 175,000
Richard McCarthy Director General, Neighbourhoods Department for Communities and Local Government 175,000
Nigel Sheinwald HMA Washington Foreign and Commonwealth Office 175,000
Dr David Brown Director - Virus Reference Laboratory Health Protection Agency 175,000
Professor Noel Gill Head of HIV & STI Health Protection Agency 175,000
Mike Falvey Director General, Chief People Officer HM Revenue and Customs 175,000
Nick Macpherson Permanent Secretary HM Treasury 175,000
Sir Stephen Dalton Chief of the Air Staff Ministry of Defence 175,000
Jon Thompson DG Finance Ministry of Defence 175,000
Sir Nicholas Houghton Vice Chief of the Defence Staff Ministry of Defence 175,000
NORFOLK, Derek [Dr] Consultant NHS Blood & Transplant 175,000
Philip Collins Chairman Office of Fair Trading 175,000
Sir Peter Housden Permanent Secretary Scottish Government 175,000
Neil MacGregor Director British Museum 180,000
John Collington Chief Procurement Officer for Government Cabinet Office 180,000
Gill Rider Director General, Civil Service Capability Group Cabinet Office 180,000
Peter Ricketts National Security Adviser Cabinet Office 180,000
Philip Rutnam Director General, Business and Skills Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 180,000
David Bell Permanent Secretary Department for Education 180,000
Chris Last HR Director General, and Head of Government HR Operations. Department for Work and Pensions 180,000
Robert Devereux Chief Executive, Jobcentre Plus Department for Work and Pensions 180,000
David Behan Director General for Social Care - Local Government & Care Partnerships Department of Health 180,000
Elaine Holt Chief Executive Directly Operated Railways 180,000
Simon Fraser Permanent Under-Secretary and Head of the Diplomatic Service Foreign and Commonwealth Office 180,000
Phil Pavitt Chief Information Officer HM Revenue and Customs 180,000
Helen Kilpatrick Director General, Financial & Commercial Home Office 180,000
Helen Ghosh Permanent Secretary Home Office 180,000
John Vine Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency 180,000
Mike Pitt Chair Infrastructure Planning Commission 180,000
Professor Cyrus Cooper Director Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, Southampton Medical Research Council 180,000
Professor Alan Lucas Embed Sci Staff, Institute of Child Health, London Centre Medical Research Council 180,000
Ursula Brennan Permanent Under Secretary Ministry of Defence 180,000
Suma Chakrabarti Permanent Secretary Ministry of Justice 180,000
Sir Andrew Dillon Chief Executive National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 180,000
HAMLYN, Lynda Chief Executive [CE] NHS Blood & Transplant 180,000
NEUBERGER, James [Prof] Associate Medical Director - ODT NHS Blood & Transplant 180,000
HEWITT, Patricia [Dr] Consultant Specialist in Transfusion Microbiology NHS Blood & Transplant 180,000
Andrew Wright Partner Markets Ofgem 180,000
Philip Ridal Finance Director British Waterways Board 185,000
Stephen Lovegrove Chief Executive Shareholder Executive Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 185,000
David Goldstone Finance Director, Government Olympic Executive Department for Culture, Media and Sport 185,000
Zoe Billingham HM Inspector of Constabulary Eastern Region HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 185,000
Roger Baker HM Inspector of Constabulary Northern Region HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 185,000
Simon Bowles Director General, Chief Finance Officer HM Revenue and Customs 185,000
James Ballingall Deputy Director, Head of Assurance HM Treasury 185,000
Professor David Coggan Clinical Consultant, Programme Leader, Epidemiology Research Centre, Southampton Medical Research Council 185,000
Sir Mark Stanhope First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval staff Ministry of Defence 185,000
Stephen Hay Chief Operating Officer Monitor 185,000
PAMPHILON, Derwood [Dr] Lead Consultant Stem Cell & Histocompatability & Immunogenetics NHS Blood & Transplant 185,000
Steve Walker Chief Executive NHS Litigation Authority 185,000
David Batters Chief Financial Officer Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 185,000
Catherine Johnston Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 190,000
Gretchen Burrett Group Director Safety Regulation Civil Aviation Authority 190,000
Nemat (Minouche) Shafik Permanent Secretary Department for International Development 190,000
Darra Singh Chief Executive, Jobcentre Plus Department for Work and Pensions 190,000
Bernard Hogan-Howe HM Inspector of Constabulary National HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 190,000
Drusilla Sharpling HM Inspector of Constabulary Western Region HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 190,000
Prof Sir Kent Woods Chief Executive Officer Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 190,000
Andy Nelson Chief Information Officer Ministry of Justice 190,000
Jane Platt Chief Executive National Savings & Investments 190,000
Stephen Henwood Chairman Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 190,000
Dr Vanessa V Lawrence CB Director General & Chief Executive Ordnance Survey 190,000
Cynthia Bower Chief Executive Officer Care Quality Commission 195,000
Keir Starmer QC Director of Public Prosecution Crown Prosecution Service 195,000
Prof Sir Bruce Keogh Medical Director Department of Health 195,000
Paul Leinster Chief Executive Officer Environment Agency 195,000
Denis O'Connor HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary HM Inspectorate of Constabulary 195,000
MURPHY, Michael [Prof] Lead Consultant Hospital Liaison NHS Blood & Transplant 195,000
John Clarke Executive Director Business Planning Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 195,000
Mark Lesinski Executive Director Delivery Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 195,000
Christine Gilbert Her Majesty's Chief Inspector Ofsted 195,000
Godric Smith Director of Communications Olympic Delivery Authority 195,000
Richard Paniguian Head of UKTI Defence and Security Organisation UK Trade & Investment 195,000
David Pitchford Executive Director, Major Projects Authority Cabinet Office 200,000
Gabriel Scally Regional Director of Public Health South West Department of Health 200,000
Christine Connelly Director General for Informatics and Chief Information Officer Department of Health 200,000
Andrew Manley DG Defence Commercial Ministry of Defence 200,000
Andrew Tyler Chief Operating Officer Defence Equipment and Support Ministry of Defence 200,000
Sir Iain Gray Chief Executive, Technology Strategy Board Technology Strategy Board 200,000
Nick Walkley Chief Executive Barnet Council 200,976
Patrick Crawford Chief Executive Export Credits Guarantee Department 205,000
Geoffrey Podger Chief Executive Health and Safety Executive 205,000
Steve Lamey Director General Benefits & Credits HM Revenue and Customs 205,000
Alistair Buchanan Chief Executive Ofgem 205,000
David Green QC Director of Central Fraud Group Crown Prosecution Service 210,000
Justin McCracken Chief Executive Officer Health Protection Agency 210,000
Lord Mogg Chairman of Gas and Electricity Markets Authority Ofgem 210,000
Tim Byles Chief Executive of Partnerships for Schools Partnerships for Schools 215,000
Mark Farrar Chief Executive, Construction Industry Training Board Construction Industry Training Board 220,000
Clare Chapman Director General for Workforce Department of Health 220,000
Bernard Gray Chief of Defence Material Ministry of Defence 220,000
David Bennett Interim Chief Executive Monitor 220,000
Sir Stephen Laws First Parliamentary Counsel Cabinet Office 225,000
Jeremy Beeton Director General, Government Olympic Executive Department for Culture, Media and Sport 225,000
Dame Sally Davies Chief Medical Officer Department of Health 225,000
Alison Nimmo Director of Design & Regeneration Olympic Delivery Authority 225,000
Hugh Sumner Director of Transport Olympic Delivery Authority 225,000
Ralph Luck Director of Property Olympic Delivery Authority 225,000
Simon Wright Director of Infrastructure & Utilities Olympic Delivery Authority 225,000
Paul Hemsley Director of Finance and Corporate Services Ordnance Survey 225,000
Robin Evans Chief Executive British Waterways Board 230,000
Alan Langlands Chief Executive, Higher Education Funding Council Higher Education Funding Council for England 230,000
Sir Gus O'Donnell Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service Cabinet Office 235,000
Stephen Geraghty Commissioner and Chief Executive Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission 235,000
Douglas Erskine-Crum Chief Executive Horserace Betting Levy Board 235,000
Sir David Richards Chief of the Defence Staff Ministry of Defence 235,000
Stephen Soper Head of Risk and Funding and Pensions Administration and Governance The Pensions Regulator 235,000
Joe Harley DWP and Government Chief Information Officer, Director General for IT in DWP Department for Work and Pensions 240,000
David Flory Director General for NHS Finance Performance and Operations and Deputy Chief Executive for NHS Department of Health 245,000
Andrew Haines Chief Executive Civil Aviation Authority 250,000
John Armitt Chairman Olympic Delivery Authority 250,000
Sir David Nicholson KCB CBE NHS Chief Executive Department of Health 275,000
John Fingleton Chief Executive Office of Fair Trading 275,000
Howard Shiplee Director of Construction Olympic Delivery Authority 285,000
Dennis Hone Chief Executive Olympic Delivery Authority 310,000
Tony Fountain Chief Executive Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 375,000

It looks like non-stick is more than adequately paid.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. These exclude pension payments. don't they?

  2. Dear Baarnett. These amounts are sure to exclude pension contributions except and unless any of these people turn out to be "Town Hall Tax Dodgers" in which case the amount quoted should be inclusive.

    Non-stick earns more than the DPP. Madness.


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