9 March 2012

The Friday Joke - e-Procurement 2006

The winners, from Wakefield
On Thursday evening Mr Mustard was in the public gallery for the extra session of the Business Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee which was discussing the well known procurement problems and what was going to be done about them. 

Rewind to 2006 and deluded officers thought that procurement was so cutting edge that they merited an award. This is just vanity, it does nothing for the residents of Barnet to have officers wasting their time submitting resumes of how fantastic they think they are to the MJ 2006 competition. The time should have been spent on doing their jobs better. Officers in post now, listen. Don't enter vanity competitions.

Here is the entry information:
MJ 2006 e-Procurement Award Entry by Barnet Council

Ooh look, procurement "expert" of 2006, one Nick Walkley. Why is procurement now pants?

Also named Mahesh Patel who has surfaced again recently at Barnet and is being paid £725 a day ( almost, it is his introducer Penna Plc who get that much; is he a town hall tax dodger? )

There are some cracking jokes in this vainglorious puff. Red type by Mr Mustard.

The ITP procurement model in Barnet has moved us from an authority with a weak and failing ICT structure - to one with a weak and failing ICT structure.

Barnet Council's infrastructure had grown organically on an ad hoc basis without any strategic focus in mind. No change there then?

Our vision ... our objective... "To provide a framework which enables innovative, flexible, efficient, effective, transparent and legal procurement..."  2012 mark 0/10

This approach to capacity-building means that we have engaged in an effective and true partnering arrangement over the period of the contract. You need to know that the partner Prime Business Solutions changed its name to 2E2 Solutions Ltd and then you will recall that they are refusing to support end of life equipment but are still drawing their fees.

In the last 12 months both ICT and Procurement have shown themselves to be hopeless and the people who put themselves forward for awards in 2006 thought they were visionaries.


Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


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