27 March 2012

Freehold house in Chipping Barnet

Here is a shameless advertisement for Mr Mustard's house project that he has been refurbishing in Chipping Barnet.

Handy for the market, the Spires, the M25, High Barnet tube station, walking in the country, trips to the Mitre, the Lord Nelson or the White Lion ( & every chance of finding Mr Mustard enjoying a nice pint in any one of those ).
Sales Brochure for 44 Strafford Rd, Barnet

If you fancy living near Mr Mustard then send him an email as Savills are no longer instructed.

The front windows have now been replaced with wood double glazed sash windows and the door is about to be replaced, also with a nice wood 2 glass panel door.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. If the Methodist Church starts to implement decent housing policies, regarding its subsidised properties, then Bwain may be looking around for something...

  2. "Well thank you, Mr Coleman, for your mortgage application. With roughly £120,000 a year coming in, you do indeed fulfill our lending criteria.

    However, we are a little worried about whether, erm, this could be called a stable income.

    Perhaps you can come in and see us again on Friday 4 May?"


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