27 March 2012

Craig Cooper - is he awake - has he gone ?

Mr Mustard just copied Craig Cooper, the unCommercial Director in on an email he sent to the Freedom of Information section bemoaning the fact that a £20m computer system can't run a simple report that Mr Mustard wanted - of who has long term contracts with just one Directorate of the council. He thought that Craig ought to know this.

Here is the out-of-office message from Craig which is even less helpful than the usual kind.

I am now out of the office on annual leave, I will return to work on 26 March.

Thank you.

Craig Cooper

If you are in his building please stick your head round the door to make sure he is awake and/or check that he hasn't failed to return from holiday on time as 26 March was yesterday (in case you hadn't noticed ) and leave a post-in note on his desk signed "Nick" suggesting he books an extra day off.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 


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