7 February 2012

What the High Street is up against

The following poster shows you the charges for the car parks that are within 100m of Chipping Barnet High Street. They are the car parks that shoppers have to use if they can't find a space on the High Street itself which is likely as the number of spaces is not that great.

Sensible shoppers will go into the Spires Car Park as it is cheaper or park on Hadley Common in the afternoons when the restrictions are off.

Just look at the price though. As soon as 90mins have gone you are in for a fiver. £5 for 91 minutes, ridiculous.

If you have only a few things to buy and are going Cricklewood way you are only about 2 miles from Westfield.
Here is the Westfield parking tariff for the first 2 hours of your stay. 

You can see the attraction can't you ( Mr Mustard can't see the attraction of shopping except for new motorbikes but he realises that other people like this sort of thing). Mr Mustard wants a thriving High Street. The council needs to play its part in ensuring this is the case by providing plenty of reasonably priced parking spaces.

Even if you stay a little longer you can get 3 hours parking for your £5. There are 3,066 available spaces at Westfield at this moment and zero chance of getting a PCN and payment is made into a nice machine.

Barnet Council car parks don't look competitive to Mr Mustard.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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