20 February 2012

Freedom of Information - the view from Barnet

The Justice Select Committee are conducting a review into the workings of the Freedom of Information Act, which you can see on this link here.

The three main areas for enquiry are:-
  • Does the Freedom of Information Act work effectively?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Freedom of Information Act?
  • Is the Freedom of Information Act operating in the way that it was intended to? 
Two Barnet residents submitted their memoranda to the Committee.

One was Dr Julia Hines and although she has written a very well structured and flowing memo she rather modestly asked me to simply provide a link to it.  This is partly because her use of the FOI legislation has been low and partly because she thinks there are other points you should read if you have time to peruse the 100+ submissions which are here. Click on the words "pdf version" to the left middle of the screen. The download is large. Julia's contributions is at FOI.09. Mr Mustard will see you in an hour or two.

Mr Mustard's contribution was at FOI.37 (he had more to say so it took longer to write and had to be edited down to 3000 words) and to save you getting sucked into that big pdf again Mr Mustard has the permission of the Committee to reproduce his memo here

Mr Mustard's Memo to Justice Select Committee on FOI

So now you know how much Mr Mustard, and his fellow Barnet bloggers, have to struggle to get at the truth.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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