1 February 2012

Jacquie McGeachie - post #3

Performance, or rather the lack of it. 

Every quarter each directorate scores itself (not likely to be too critical then are they?) on various measures, a number of which specifically relate to Human Resources ("HR").

Here is the report for the Deputy Chief Executive's Service, within which the HR function resides, for the quarter to 30 September 2011.

Barnet Council - Deputy Chief Executive's Sevice - performance overview q2 11-12

So HR is poor, at -3, despite Mrs McGeachie having been covering this post for 2 years. If she can't even get the managers in her own directorate to perform (only 39 out of 67 completed an absence report - why aren't these automated anyway?) then what chance for the other directorates. You can look at all 7 directorates' performance overviews here and Mr Mustard has helpfully compiled a league table of the Directorates' HR performances.

Barnet Council Q2. 2011-12 Human Resources Performance

Directorate Staff # HR rating
Commercial Services 148 -1
Children's Service 774 -2.5
Corporate Governance 74 -2.5
Deputy Chief Executive 326 -3
Environment, Planning & Regeneration 839 -4.5
Chief Executive 213 -4.5
Adult Social Care & Health 417 -5

Every single Directorate has HR problems (completely unrelated to One Barnet of course). Not one of them came up with a positive green score. 

Is £575 a day good value? it doesn't look like it.

All Barnet Council have to do is to find a local and suitably able HR expert & give 1 months notice under the Consultancy Agreement. The usual huge payoff that senior departees get doesn't apply to interims as they have no contractual entitlement to a payoff.

Mr Mustard thinks that 3 years of this particular interim is enough, given all the red ink.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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