10 February 2012

Walking meetings

The following article caught Mr Mustard's eye last week. He thought it was a splendid idea and so he sent the article to the Chief Executive and looks forward to his reply.


If the machines could be linked up to the electricity supply some money could be made as well.

It seems entirely possible that the number of meetings might plummet. This would fix the problem of how difficult it is for anyone to find a meeting room free.

Mr Mustard also suggested no email days and not using the lift days ( except for those who have no choice ).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Mr Mustardis starting to sound like an overpaid consultant. On the other hand, perhaps those who tend to dominate discussion should have their treadmill set to an incline...

  2. Ooh harsh Jaybird but then you soften.

    Mr Mustard doesn't sit around in meetings wasting his life but he has been spending a lot more time at the keyboard and his alter ego was piling on the pounds and was worried that he would get into his one piece motorcycle leathers on the next track day. Therefore before he blogs Mr Mustard now rows 2,000m which would be hard to talk through and you would keep coming up to the table edge and back again.

  3. just seen this: may I point out that I suggested this idea, in the form of (too subtle) parody to the ignominious ideas website last year, along with my ground breaking sewage recycyling scheme, complete with commode for the Chief Executive?


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