20 February 2012

A statement of the bleeding obvious from Craig Cooper

Craig in blue, Mr Mustard in red.

a bit small to be Craig's monthly pay packet


Dear all

Later this afternoon the short list for the second phase of competitive dialogue for NSCSO will be published in the report for Cabinet Resources Committee, along with a business case update, revealing that the two bidders that scored highest in the evaluation of outline solutions were BT and Capita ( Ladbrokes refused to take any bets from the off). You will find the report here later today.

You have been invited to briefings this week to learn more about the contents of the report (but nothing of any consequence that you might tell a blogger about) from your service lead and members of the project team, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

This is a very significant milestone in this project, and I would like to thank everyone involved so far in getting us to this point. However there is a huge amount of work yet to come in the second phase of competitive dialogue, which is much longer and more detailed than the first. The outline solutions phase has proven to us that the business case is realistic (but the outside world is not convinced), but the job of the project team and service leads is now to focus hard on ensuring the two bidders’ proposals are fully developed into deliverable contracts that will genuinely meet the needs of the council and citizens for better, more innovative and customer-focussed services, within a smaller financial envelope. and Craig knows what a large financial envelope looks like as he gets one with £11,040 in it every month (before tax and NI - well done Craig - no Town Hall Tax dodging for you)

Your service lead and staff group representative will continue to provide a tenuous link between you and the project, and Kari will continue to keep you informed through the weekly messages.

If there are any specific questions you already have that you know you would like answered during the briefing, or didn’t get chance to ask at your briefing, please email them to onebarnet@barnet.gov.uk. Is my job going to Croydon or Bangalore or is it OK if I form a company with my colleagues and sign up some contracts for services with the council and its partners? We will provide a better service for less money than BT or Crapita.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Cooper
NSCSO Project Sponsor
How did my name end up on this poisoned chalice?

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  1. Surely the most telling phrase in that letter is "genuinely meet the needs of the council and citizens". I would have thought the needs of the citizens should come way before those of the council, which after all is elected by the citizens...


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