19 February 2012

PAYE - an open letter to Nick Walkley

Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 10:38 AM
To: 'Walkley, Nick' ( he was out-of-office at that time )
Cc: 'Cornelius, Cllr Richard Conservative'
Subject: My idea #6 - PAYE

Dear Mr Walkley

This is an open letter from Mr Mustard.

The wheeze of paying staff as if they are self-employed consultants is starting to look like a very bad idea following the Ed Lester (Student Loans Company) furore and Barnet Council are probably going to figure quite highly in the newspapers because heavy use has been made of this artificial device.

I have been asking FOI questions about the tax status of various "employees" and will keep on doing so until the whole story is out. I am sure that lots of other people (and I don't just mean the famous five Barnet bloggers) will be asking lots of similar questions and the performance of the over-stretched and under-resourced FOI section is going to suffer.

You might like to consider the wisdom of getting this sorry saga over and done with, and save the FOI section having to answer multiple similar questions, if you were to come out and say that the practice has now been stopped in Barnet. You should publish a list of the people who have had their tax status reviewed giving their name, title, old consultancy rate and new salary (I am sure they are all on more than £58,200 p.a. so count as senior employees whose salary details fall due for disclosure)

Yours sincerely

p.p. Mr Mustard

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