18 April 2012


Someone at Barnet Council does have a sense of humour. Here is an image from the new website about registering to vote in the London Assembly elections.

you only have until today

Is that a taxi on order to take the unsuccessful candidate home in? A parting gift.

Barnet Council (as you do read the blog quite a lot- hello Mr Palmer)

Can you change the website photo default to static please as it's bloody annoying the movement all the time when you are trying to read something. Having to stop the slideshow on every page with photos is just a waste of time. Didn't you show this site to any residents before you went live?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid, Mr Mustard, that the choice of that picture is not evidence of a sense of humour. That image is being used for the elections London-wide; I saw it on an advert on the Tube the other evening. Mind you, whoever released it onto the Barnet Council website might have had a chuckle to themselves as they did so. We will never know...


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