2 April 2012

April Fool joke about marker pen abuse

As anyone half awake yesterday will have gathered my posting about marker pen sniffing was made up (the £100k spent on consultants could sadly have been completely true). The main clue was the name Avril Duper which is April Fool in French although for some reason they have "poissons d'avril" April fish instead

Do you think he has noticed it?
Please don't take my joke of yesterday as an invitation to try getting too close to a marker pen, bad things can happen.

If you, or anyone you know has a problem with solvent abuse, then this website could help.

Yours seriously

Mr Mustard


  1. what's wrong with you, Mr Mustard? This si elfn'safety gone mad. I may have to report you to the Daily Mail.

  2. ps this is funnier than the original post ...

  3. How much funnier Mrs Angry. Funny enough to be as funny as you, oh silly me, of course not.

    It might seem funny Mrs Angry but I just thought that the matter is actually a serious one, and like The Barnet Eye, Mr Mustard has worked at the home less shelter a few times and seen how easy it is to slip from normal society and fall to great depths, what's that, and end up in the cabinet....ah right, I had better find a site for delusionals anonymous as well.


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