6 April 2012

The Revs & Bens Management Massacre

It is a bank holiday when bloggers also take a bit of a breather (actually like policeman I am not sure that they ever rest) but Mr Mustard wanted to put up this document for you to have a gander at.

Take a well performing service and then send in the axe wielding, town hall tax dodging, interim consultant and local government mercenary Bill Murphy to bugger it up.

Here is the presentation made to Managers. Take a look at the before and after management charts.
Revenues and Benefits Restructure 4 April 2012
Mr Mustard will pull this apart after the holidays if there is anything of it left after you have gone through it.

Bill Murphy is also the interim Assistant Director of Libraries and he was in full control of the water and electric supplies (cut off) and the smallest room at Friern Barnet library on Friday. Not clear whether we should call him the electricians mate or the toilet attendant. No need for either as he has a nickname which he probably doesn't know and which will be revealed soon.

More next week

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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