4 April 2012

Someone hasn't been listening to Greg Clarke, MP, Minister for Planning

You might sit next to him on the Tube and not notice?

A 1,000 thousand page planning document has been turned into 50 pages; the National Policy Planning Framework. Mr Mustard heard Uncle Eric (Pickles) talk about that on Radio4 last week but it seems that it is the document of the less well known Greg Clarke, the MP for Tunbridge Wells (except in Tunbridge Wells obviously, less well known that is). 

Mr Mustard's attention has been drawn to paragraph 40:

Local authorities should seek to improve the quality of parking in town centres so that it is convenient, safe and secure, including appropriate provision for motorcycles. They should set appropriate parking charges that do not undermine the vitality of town centres. Parking enforcement should be proportionate. Does Brian do proportionate?

Barnet Council need to do some listening and then act accordingly.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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