3 April 2012

One Barnet legal latest - In house is better value

Looks like a building from Colemanistan ( actually Harrow Civic Centre ) Depressing.

Mr Mustard had heard that the Harrow legal merger was off due to "costing errors" but it seems to be back on. If there are costing errors Barnet will pay for them later. Do Harrow really know what they are taking on?

proposed shared Legal Services Barnet Council / Harrow Council

Basically all that is happening is that the legal departments of the two councils are going to work as one team based in Harrow.

Page 18 of the Business case contains the most important detail.

The biggest potential savings relate to legal services currently provided by third parties to Barnet.

So for legal work it is cheaper to do it in-house but for nearly everything else it is cheaper not to do it.

Mr Mustard can't see the logic of outsourcing DRS and Customer Services is the above is true for legal. It's a funny old world. Maybe the answer is as simple as lawyers can't be screwed on their terms and conditions?

(in case you think Mr Mustard is being derogatory, Borat style perhaps, about places ending in "istan" he is told that it means "place" so we are in the London Borough of Brian Coleman - what a dreadful thought).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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