16 April 2012

a Basketball Hoop and a Skate Park

Dear Ms Wharfe

Word of my close connection to Barnet Council has reached the teenage youth of High Barnet.

They would like to have a basketball hoop to practice on but it would be better to give them a whole court and, who knows, some of the stars of the future might just come from Barnet. There are multipurpose courts available like this one pictured below which might represent better value. I suppose that giving them one hoop to start with, perhaps in a quiet corner of the Old Courthouse Recreation Ground, would be a cheap way of gauging demand.

Having said I would email about this they then wanted a skate park to go with it. The nearest is at Potters Bar and apparently it was too crowded to actually skate in today.

Please would you see what can be done, maybe with some of the S.106 monies. Once built, a skate park really doesn't have any running costs if it is made out of concrete.

You might also like to consult the Members of the Youth Parliament who will have a much better idea than you or I about the wishes of teenagers. 

The more exhausting pursuits they have the less time there is for them to become bored and get into trouble.

Update 17 April 2012 from Pam Wharfe. 

Dear Mr Mustard

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
I have passed this to Mrs Bishop for her views.

If you have a view you can email Lynn Bishop at this address.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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