4 April 2012

The law of unintended consequences

This blog post was written two days ago and was held back to let the joint blogger letter go first.

Here is another DPR (Delegated Powers Report) that has come out of the council and this one they caused to be needed.
1621 Bittacy Hill Waiting Restrictions

By removing all of the free bays inside CPZs the council managed to move cars which used to park perfectly safely in a designated bay (albeit without charge) into other locations, one of which, Bittacy Hill, now needs yellow lines at its northern end. Will all those motorists suddenly decide to start paying for parking? no, mostly they will find somewhere else that is free (as to their credit the ward councillors do realise; maybe they could campaign for the free bays to return? that is called "Doing a Rams" voting for a policy and then consulting against it.) 

They are paying enough for petrol and for their train ticket (if they are one of those cheeky commuters who "are customarily used to parking in close proximity to ...train stations") and either can't or won't pay any more. Mr Mustard himself likes to park on the edge of CPZ and walk the rest because he won't pay (too mean) and because he likes to take a little exercise.

Putting yellow lines at the junctions is a good idea as although no-one should be parking within 10m of a junction, many people do, and they shouldn't according to the Highway Code (except when a CPZ bay actually goes nearer).

This exercise has cost £4,620 and was entirely predictable, except by Barnet Council of course.

A scooter is a possible solution, at least for the summer months. Do get training though if you have not ridden for a while.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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