16 December 2011

More change please! another Friday joke

Some well meaning soul thought that it would be a good idea for those people who are going to get their P45, or be sent to work in East Croydon, to have these uplifting thoughts about change to brighten up your day. 

Of course, a 2 hour train journey to East Croydon is an ideal time to learn some new skills, such as getting an MBA from BT Vital Vision ( oh you are naughty Mrs Angry, what will they do in week two indeed?! ) but that pre-supposes that you don't have to juggle children and aged parents, or a disabled partner etc etc

So Mr Mustard amended the intranet entry to be more interesting and here it is. Enjoy your weekend!

10 Tips on Managing Sex Change

Change'Sex' is a small word that can strike fear in the hearts of many. Yet life is full of change Sex, especially in the working world. While you may not always get to decide when change Sex happens, you can learn to manage it. These 10 tips will help even the most change Sex-phobic person stay calm and in control:

1. Don’t resist. While your gut reaction to change Sex is often refusal, such a response is not productive. Change Sex is inevitable, and you must learn to accept it. The quicker you do, the smoother your transition.

2. Find the positives. Even the most difficult changes Sex can produce positive results. Don’t waste time dwelling on what you don't like. Focus instead on the potential benefits and new opportunities the changes Sex may bring.

3. Create a list. You'll feel much better about change Sex when you're able to manage its details and results. Make a list of what needs to be done to implement the change Sex. The more prepared you are, the less change Sex will overwhelm you.

4. Familiarise quickly. Jump headfirst into change Sex, whether it’s new ways of doing things, new offices, or new teams. Take time to learn a new programme, or introduce yourself to a new colleague. The more quickly you are acclimatised to new things, the more quickly they will become familiar to you.

5. Consider others. Change Sex rarely affects one person; in most cases it affects many people at once. Change Sex experienced as a group can become either a supportive, unifying experience or a negative, frustrating one. Consider what kind of group you want to be a part of, and make it happen through your words and actions.

6. Focus on one change Sex at a time. While we can learn to accept and manage change Sex, piling numerous changes Sex up all at once can become too overwhelming, even for the most flexible of us. If there are many changes Sex acts going on in your working life, this is probably not the best time to also start those home renovations.

7. Exercise patience with yourself. When things change Sex up significantly, accept that you will not be able to master them all right away. Give yourself a break, and don’t add to your stress by trying to become a whiz at everything overnight.

8. Ask productive questions. Ask yourself questions that will make a positive difference, such as ‘How can I help facilitate the transition?’ or ‘How will I need to adjust my day to accommodate this new process?’ Avoid asking ‘Why?’ and instead learn to move forward by asking questions that will help you become comfortable with the changes Sex.

9. Take control. Change Sex is stressful because it threatens a person’s sense of control. Don’t allow a powerless feeling to overwhelm you; face new challenges head-on. Focus on how you can make it work for you and you’ll feel empowered by your renewed sense of control.

10. Don’t get too comfortable. While it's important to familiarise and adjust to change Sex, it's fruitless to believe things will not. change Sex again. Adjust, but do so with the knowledge that nothing lasts forever, and this too may give way to more change Sex in the future.

Ladies, Mr Mustard has enjoyed a lot of change in his lifetime, so if you want to benefit from his experience first-hand, do please send an email to mrmustard@zoho.com !

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Would that be loose change/sex, Mr Mustard? I'm not convinced by your claims to such expertise in the subject: I have noticed that you are unable to concentrate on the work in hand during the day, and are easily distracted. This may well be acceptable amongst the Tory ladies of Chipping Barnet, but here in Finchley we are not so easily impressed.

  2. To paraphrase the well-known dancehall conversation, Mr Mustard approaches Mrs Angry:

    "You blogging?"

    "You asking?"

    "I'm asking."

    "I'm blogging."

    and they go off on to the floor.

    I say "well-known", but the only web reference I can find is between Blair and Sarkozy: http://keeptonyblairforpm.wordpress.com/2008/01/19/blair-1st-permanent-eu-president-qui-moi/

  3. Have realised why my inbox is empty Mrs Angry. It's simply because I had forgotten that Barnet had gone cashless so there is no change in Barnet


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