11 December 2011

Stop Barnet Council from killing our High Streets with unreasonably high parking charges

Sign this petition please. We want shops in our High Streets. If Barnet Council kill them off it will make the borough a sterile and more dangerous place ( the more people that are out and about the safer we all are )

Link to Petition

Remember, if you see this man 

- he may look like your favourite uncle ( assuming you only have the one ) but he is the leader of the council and despite listening to a forum of annoyed shop-keepers, who are suffering, he has refused to act -

if you are a shopkeeper charge him a higher price ( if legally possible ).

If you are a motorist tell Mr Richard Cornelius, for that is he, what you think about the increased parking charges and about removing parking meters which leaves so many people disadvantaged. It is his duty to listen to the electorate. If you drive and don't have a mobile telephone or credit/debit card then tell him that.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. Actually, you could morph his image into Secretary of State Ian Duncan Smith, on one of the other blogs.

    Though I agree, why you would want to?

    What puzzles me is why he wanted the leadership. It is not as if he started as a hare, and ended up as a tortoise.

    Is his six-month-in-office up yet, because the Barnet Eye was going to give its verdict?


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