14 December 2011

Abuse of position?

If a councillor asks for a light touch to be applied to parking regulations, is he abusing his position?

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to be continued.

Yours frugally

Mr  Mustard


  1. I've no objection to Barnet publicly announcing relaxation of parking restrictions, at various times of the year, in various places, applicable to everyone parking in that area.

    This seems to be entirely different. It is treating the borough as a private fiefdom. Of course he abusing his position.

    He is asking for an improper variation in the policing of a statutory law. He is influencing whether people get fixed penalty notices, which, if unpaid, involve the courts.

    I would have thought this is outside the acceptable behaviour of a councillor under any code of conduct.

  2. If this has been leaked, you can no doubt ask for a copy under Freedom of Information, to show if it is genuine.

    Once you have that, there are options open to you, Mr Mustard.


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