22 December 2011

Perfect Peckham Parking Policy

Try saying that after your office Christmas party!

Look at this screen dump from the Southwark Council website.

Free weekend parking for the month of December in council car parks. Sounds like they are putting the community first. Cash still accepted in Peckham if you do have to pay; how convenient.

Whilst in Southwark please keep an eye out for this statue stolen from Dulwich Park one night this week ( Mr Mustard actually looked at it last Sunday ) 

by Barbara Hepworth ( http://www.barbarahepworth.org.uk/ )
If you see it, or what looks like it could be a piece of it, maybe in a scrap yard casually leaning up against some scrapped parking meters, do please call the police.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. It looks like the two ears that were removed from Barnet Council, when they stopped listening.

    (That was the best I could do, and may not pass your quality threshold for a comment.)

  2. Very good baarnett. Unfortunately Mr Mustard's ears are quite large but that does help him to hear all about Barnet Council.

    Are you sure that the statue isn't of the top of a pair of scissors. Very large ones which Barnet use to make cuts.

  3. Well, the thieves must have moved slowly, because we all know you mustn't run with scissors.


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