2 December 2011

The Friday Joke

An old farmer went into town to see a film.

At the ticket office he was asked "What is that on your shoulder?"

The old farmer said " That's my pet cockerel, Brian. Wherever I go Brian goes."

"Sorry sir" said the assistant "We don't allow animals in the cinema".

The old farmer left and went around the corner. He stuffed the cockerel down his trousers and went back to the cinema, bought a ticket and went into screen 1. He sat down next to two old widows called Betty & Edna.

The film started and the cockerel got a bit restless so the old farmer undid his flies so that Brian could stick his head out and watch the film.

"Betty" whispered Edna

"What" said Betty

"I think the guy next to me is a pervert" said Edna

"What makes you think that" asked Betty

"He undid his flies and he got his thingy out" whispered Edna

"Well, don't worry" said Betty, "it's nothing we haven't seen before at our age"

"True" said Edna "but this one's eating my popcorn!"

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