6 September 2014

stuck with NSL

Copyright: Private Eye
Normally Mr Mustard wouldn't give you a complete article from Private Eye but merely a teaser and tell you to buy the magazine but he is so slow at reading this fortnight, thanks to having to mop up so many glaring errors made by NSL in the Barnet parking contract that it was only yesterday that he found out that NSL's outstanding customer service in the patient transport area looks, if Private Eye is to be believed and it usually is, to be outstandingly bad. 

Why is Mr Mustard not surprised?

Why oh why were they chosen to issue parking tickets by Barnet Council?

Anyway that was issue 1373, 22 August to 4 September, so there must be another out already which is probably lost under a sea of parking tickets. It is a bargain £1.50, contains more than you can read in a fortnight  and brings you real stories. Why not subscribe and then you can write to the letters page cancelling your subscription, not.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. It would seem that the cynical and venal, owners of NSL have realise they can provide the most abysmal service ever, yet still keep the contract because having won it, the previous encumbents are no longer around to take over. Let us hope that one of the cynical bosses of ACC needs hospital transport and has to wait hours for it to turn up, (days, hopefully). And just who was it who ordered all this privatisation in the NHS in first place ?


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