4 September 2014

Maths test. Q1: £110 minus £nil = ?

So there you have it, in NSL's Croydon HQ, their computer thinks that £110 less nothing is £165. Mr Mustard does struggle with the concept of the square root of -1 but not with taking nothing away from something which means that the answer is something, unless the something was in fact nothing, in which case the answer is something and nothing. Clear?

Mr Mustard has sent this Notice to parking management and doubtless it is now listed on the agenda for the next monthly meeting between parking management (thin client commissioning side or some such nonsense) and the poor NSL bod who is trying to get his people to not make mistakes on any Mr Mustard file, which of course makes them more prone to do so. The PCN should be cancelled by the close of business.

Please do something for Mr Mustard. Get out any current or already paid Notice to Owner and look at the sums being claimed. If any of the numbers are wrong (and they could also be £60 - £nil = £90, or £130 - £nil = £195) then send a copy to mrmustard@zoho.com If you have paid, he will request a refund for you as you have received an illegal demand for payment. If you haven't paid, he will get your PCN cancelled on the grounds of Procedural Impropriety.

Will there be another NSL blunder tomorrow? Check back and find out.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Update: 4 September at 15:50

The parking process manager has emailed to say the PCN has been cancelled and the item duly added to the agenda for the next meeting.

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