10 September 2014

A self promoting tweet is pointless & doesn't change the truth

In the eighties Mr Mustard used to debt collect door to door in Dollis Valley (and across many of the poorer parts of EN5) so he knows it quite well. It should never have been built but the milk is spilt.

Now, finally, the council are doing something about it and are trying to hoodwink us into believing that they are cracking on, hence this tweet which probably tripped off the tongue of the Tooting Twister as he was taking notes at Monday's meeting of the Degeneration Committee (it may be called something slightly different) and didn't laugh when talk of social cleansing of the borough came up and Mr Mustard leant across and suggested we send our poor to Tooting.

Mr Mustard knew that redevelopment had been decided upon a long time ago and he googled the place and found this note in council committee papers

It takes a pair of rose tinted spectacles to decide that we are going more "quickly than originally planned" unless of course the council decided back in 2003 that they would take 11 years.

By all means tweet concrete achievements but, please, not this misleading nonsense.

Thank you.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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