24 September 2014

and we pay Capita for this shoddy work?

Mr Mustard has not heard good reports about TNT postal deliveries but he really doesn't think they are this slow, even cycling directly from Bromley to Barnet it would not take a year and two days to deliver his mail, the below letter having plopped through his letterbox an hour ago.

What seems more likely is that someone at Capita doesn't know that it is now 2014. This sort of lack of attention to detail is pretty poor given how much council tax payers' money gets thrown at them.

It is impossible for Mr Mustard to reply within the 14 day deadline but he supposes he will have to respond. He isn't going to complete their stupid form though, as it is a nonsense and not a legal requirement.

Mr Mustard will send Crapita a simple one line letter saying he is still the only resident which is all they are entitled to, which will not include his phone number and his email. If they want anything else they can write. Doubtless they get paid for each person they catch out and Capita couldn't get up early enough to catch Mr Mustard out. Sharp eyed readers will find a huge flaw in the above document which renders it worthless.

Do remember to tell the council if your situation has changed, within 28 days would be reasonable, such that any discount you may be receiving is stopped when your entitlement stops.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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