9 September 2014

Diwali - advance planning

Here is a short guest blog from award-winning eye doctor Lucy Mathen who has devoted her life to this wonderful cause:

Dear all

Please will you consider sending the following mail to all those you know who celebrate Diwali.

Celebrate the Festival of Light by giving someone the gift of sight

Buy one fewer Diwali lamp or present.

Instead, please buy a copy of my book "A Runaway Goat: curing blindness in forgotten India".

This small Diwali act-with-a-difference will restore sight to someone who will be able to enjoy next year's Festival of Light ...and provide you with a highly enjoyable and informative book to read and to pass on to others.

£20 is all it takes.

Please also feel free to make a donation as nothing, absolutely nothing, is spent on office costs. All donations go to providing the services.

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