5 September 2014

Met Police £20 a day: Newlyn Bailiffs £40 a day - Why?

Have assumed these are plus vat

So the Met Police charge you £20 a day (£24 if vat is payable) to store your car (very safely Mr Mustard imagines) if they have to look after it for you following, say, it being stolen and recovered.

A Newlyn bailiff, who takes your car off your driveway whilst you are on holiday, charges £40 a day + vat to store it. They can only recover what is reasonably incurred? They charge £40 a day + vat. Is it reasonable to charge twice what the police would charge you? Mr Mustard thinks not.

Is it reasonable to charge £40+ vat a day in August 14 when the Newlyn charge in July 13 (on the  Mr Toyota file) was £30 + vat a day? Mr Mustard doesn't think so. This excessive increase may be related to a government imposed scale of fees in April 14

Is it reasonable to charge £40 a day + vat when Heathrow airport charge £20 a day? Mr Mustard doesn't think so.

booked in advance will be cheaper, these are the airport's own charges.

Are Barnet Council failing to properly supervise the bailiffs that they have let NSL appoint without obtaining a copy of the contract? Mr Mustard thinks so.

Are Barnet Council breaching the duty of care that they have as regards the actions of their bailiffs? Mr Mustard thinks so. He has a number of current complaints which are not being responded to, they must have been put on the too difficult pile.

Mr Mustard thinks he is going to have to arrange a high level meeting with the council about bailiffs as, on every file he touches, the bailiff has not acted properly in one way or another.

There is a good / awful story about to break in the Barnet Times.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. It's all water off a ducks back with these people. Shame has been abolished in this country.


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