7 August 2014

The permit system is pants

Captain Underpants
The council wants to nudge everyone towards using the Internet to obtain whatever they need without any real thought that the main purpose of the council is to serve, not to force everyone to be served in the same way, which isn't suitable for the more elderly.

Here is what happened when a more senior member of society tried to renew his car permit on-line

My father tried to renew his Barnet residents permit on-line three times. Each time it failed saying it couldn't recognise his address. So he telephoned instead to be told that it had indeed been renewed on-line. So the computer was saying no instead of yes. Now he will need to check his account to make sure he hasn't been debited 3 times.

All the best

It is completely wrong for the council to force channel shift in the first place, they should offer a rage of methods including telephone, post and personal visit to accommodate all types of citizen including the elderly and those who are not computer literate. Having forced the one option upon us they could at least make sure it works properly.

We are being "managed" by an overpaid gang of incompetents, it would seem.

If you have permit problems, do let Mr Mustard know by email to mrmustard@zoho.com

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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