26 August 2014

The cat is out of the bag.

one track mind; traffic wardens ride the PCN Express.
Here are a couple of sentences from a Notice of Rejection of Representations that a Notice Processing Officer (Mr Mustard has spared your blushes and kept your name secret although you need a serious amount of retraining, or your managers do, or NSL need their contract terminating as they are clearly not doing what was contracted, this would be the best outcome) sent recently to a motorist who has opted against paying £110 and instead appealed to PATAS (which costs the council £40 - should NSL really be trusted to take decisions which have implications for the council coffers?). The bold and underlined type is by Mr Mustard.

I apologise if you were given incorrect advice from the CEO. Please note that the job of the CEO is to enforce parking regulations and not give advice to motorists.

Oh dear, Mr Mustard has a copy of the parking specification which forms part of the parking enforcement contract. This section is relevant.

comply with all laws includes traffic wardens parking legally themselves
Mr Mustard hasn't seen much fairness, courtesy or reasonableness in the over 100 Barnet Council PCN he has touched in 2014.

So the way that this NSL employee sees things is that traffic wardens are there purely to issue PCN and if someone asks where they can safely & legally park the traffic warden can ignore them as issuing PCN is paramount. There aren't any targets of course, oh no, but there is only one unofficial target, issue as many PCN as you can.

What an insight we have gained into the minds of the back office staff at NSL. Mr Mustard doubts that this employee is a rogue operator.

Have you got a terrible letter from the Parking Service (service, ha!) Do share it with Mr Mustard, and the world. Send it to mrmustard@zoho.com

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

(if the council parking manager wants to investigate & cancel this PCN the reference is AG04405218)

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