31 August 2014

Emmaüs - High Barnet

a bargain at £30.
Mr Mustard knew about Emmaüs as he had. as part of his language learning, translated an article about them from Le Figaro, many years ago. He had been years ago in the St Albans branch to look at their stock which was large, varied and jumbled.

Mr Mustard didn't mind, for once, that yet another charity shop was opening in the High St as to his mind the location is a difficult one for a retailer to make a profit in and because Emmaüs do such good work in helping people get their life back into shape.

So when a friend said she needed some more furniture for her daughter's bedroom Mr Mustard took her round to Emmaüs in the lower section of Barnet High St

picture credit: http://www.emmaus.org.uk/barnet
and we found a clean, well laid out shop with plenty of good quality traditional and modern furniture ranging from the home decorated (collage) £30 shelved cupboard above to a solid rosewood double extending table and 6 chairs at £795, an exquisite piece (which my friend doesn't want you to buy as she covets it - Mr Mustard is in trouble again for blogging). The staff were also friendly and helpful.

Now for the obligatory warning about parking. It was a Saturday and the single kerb marks / flashes / blips tell you that the no loading ban is part time and the rather worn markings alert you to the fact that there is a No loading sign nearby. On a Saturday you can park outside the front of the shop at any time to load a piece of furniture that you have already bought and paid for. You cannot park there for 20 minutes whilst you browse.

During the week you can load outside the shop between 9.30 am and 5pm. Don't be long as the road is quite busy and be careful as the path is much higher than the road.

For those who would like to see him in person the official opening by Terry Waite CBE is on Saturday, 20 September 2014.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Fraid I have to object to anyone parking on this road, Mr M. Ambulances scream past on one side while cyclists are rammed against the parapet on the other when anyone parks on Barnet Hill. There's a perfectly good side-street for loading vans with furniture right next to Emmaus. Set your watch here for a ticking accident-bomb outside Emmaus.


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