23 August 2014

Pettifogging bureaucrats? oh yes

Here is an example of the sort of petty nonsense that parking tickets descend into.

As well as scratching off the permit this motorist also circles the relevant items in pen. Could you re-use this voucher? No, of course not as it has been put beyond a second use which is what the council worry about, losing a precious £1 from the coffers.

PATAS may or may not agree that this voucher has been properly scratched but even if they don't Mr Mustard will find other grounds that get the motorist the result they are looking for. The council have got £60 at stake for the PCN and they have had to pay £40 to PATAS for the hearing. NSL really need to think a little harder about representations that they reject as the number of PATAS appeals just keeps on climbing.

From now on this motorist will scrape/scratch the coating away even though for 10 years he has been OK doing what he did (which gives rise to the grounds of reasonable expectation). The joke is he did it to make the date clearer for the traffic warden.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. Well, of course it is a money-making scam, we all know that, and councils know it too, but they persist. Somebody needs to go to jail for malfeasance as that will stop them all dead in their tracks. What is it that makes councils so bomb-proof when it comes to their appalling record with parking enforcement ?


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