15 November 2012

Spot the words "One Barnet"

Last Thursday evening the "Leader" of the council, Richard Cornelius said at the packed One Barnet Question Time event that One Barnet was in the election literature for 2010. Mr Mustard's has long since been recycled, and he isn't in Totteridge Ward, so he has emailed Richard and asked him for a copy; let's see if it has all been conveniently lost.

In the meantime feast your eyes on the campaign of Friern Barnet library closer Robert Rams (you won't see a mention of his plan to close FB library in his publicity either) and see if you can spot the words "One Barnet". There is no prize today otherwise Mr Mustard would be looking at a Hoover free flight disaster.

If Richard's memory has got bad then maybe the time has come for him to stop being a councillor, where there is a mass of facts and figures and people to remember, and retire gracefully before he gets us all into trouble.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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