13 November 2012

Risk upon risk upon risk

If you had a risk register of 156 items spread across 58 pages wouldn't you be feeling a little nervous about signing a 10 year contract. You should be. Mr Mustard would be. He has written to the Cabinet so that there is no doubt before they vote on NSCSO and DRS that they realise what they are getting us into.

The pdf is sideways in the following window and you will be better off downloading a copy from scribd so that you can turn it around on your screen or print it out (which is easier to read and digest).

The One Barnet Risk Register

and you need the key to the codes

and finally Mr Mustard's email to the Cabinet

Dear Cabinet Members (and other councillors for information)

It has taken me to 10 months to prise the attached document out of the steely grasp of officers and now you can see why.

There are 58 pages containing 156 risks associated with the One Barnet programme which is self evidently far from robust.

Are you absolutely positive that it is completely safe for you to sign us up to NSCSO & DRS for the next 10 years?
Yours sincerely

Mr Mustard

artist : Tim Sanders

Footnote: NSCSO is the New Support & Customer Service Organisation with a 10 year contract estimated to be worth £700m and DRS is Development and Regulatory Services worth about £275m over 10 years. Both contracts will see jobs go out of the council to private providers with no guarantees that jobs won't be exported all over the Country or abroad.

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