15 November 2012

Faded white lines and spot the white van

One of the contract terms is that the NSL traffic wardens are meant to check that lines and signs are in accordance with regulations before they issue a parking ticket (stop laughing at the back, and the front and the sides - yes, of course they don't - it is just puff put into the contract to make people think the council give a damn).

Mr Mustard was wandering down the High Rd in N Finchley the other day, on his way to have a lovely cup of tea at Cafe Buzz, when he took a photograph of this bay.

The yellow lines are lovely but the white ones are hard to see
The lines are actually clearer in the photograph than they are to the naked eye. Let us hope that NSL have noticed these lines are poor and need to be painted again. Why should NSL have noticed these lines in particular? well, simply because they are outside of the office where the traffic wardens are based. That is an NSL scooter parked at the far end which is fine as two wheelers can park for free in any resident or pay-by-phone bay.

Mr Mustard drank his tea and decided to go to his office and do some work as it was 9.15 and he walked back up from Cafe Buzz up towards Solar House where he had parked in side turning in a 2-3pm bay. Just as he was strolling along a white van pulled up and what with this office block advertising that it has 15,000 sq ft of space to rent, and with the demise of Furnitureland there are precious few vehicles ever parked this far out of town. 

sorry about the finger intrusion.
Mr Mustard noted that an NSL employee got out of the little white van and strolled into Solar House. Nowadays one can't tell if a vehicle has paid for parking or not because the little ticket no longer has to be stuck in the windscreen but Mr Mustard would suspect that NSL don't pay for parking even if they should as they doubtless have a database of registration numbers in their handheld equipment that they know better than to give a ticket to and they can cancel it themselves if they do make a mistake.

Time for a little competition thought Mr Mustard. Look out for this little white van, a Vauxhall Connect CDTI, with the registration number of 


Please look out for it around the borough and send me photographs of the driver leaving it on double yellows whilst he does his shopping, gets a takeaway, or pops into the bookies, parks dangerously at a junction, or anywhere else that is dodgy such as with 2 wheels on the pavement.

The best photograph will win the owner a Mr Mustard T-shirt or mug (these are very limited items with only a score of each in existence).

Have fun.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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