9 November 2012

Happy Christmas to Dean Cohen

Yesterday Cllr Dean Cohen visited High Barnet in the latest round of his visits to High Streets to be given a good ear bashing about the parking policies and prices which he didn't install but this being a cabinet decision, and he has been elevated to the Cabinet, he has to defend. He has the problem that he can only give on parking if something else gets cut in the EPR* directorate which would make life hard even for the most experienced Cabinet member and Dean is the new boy and probably feeling pretty sick of traders by now. Poor boy, there is so much more earbashing to come.

Mr Mustard will report what he can in due course, anything that isn't embargoed, Mr Mustard is a High Barnet businessman of 25 years standing after all, but for now will just share with you the latest shop poster which will have greeted Dean's eyes

It is hard to imagine any other area in which people would demand an easier opportunity to pay their fees and taxes. 

If a charge is fair, the populace want to pay it. The council are resisting making it easier for people to pay. Bonkers.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

* EPR = Environment, Planning, Regeneration

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