9 November 2012

Second Sight - a film on Sunday 11th November

BMJ - the-karen-woo-award - Lucy Mathen
Update at 12:55 Friday 9th November

Oh Mr Mustard we are totally oversubscribed.....cannot have any more people turning up at Screen on the Green in Islington! perhaps tell people that they should look at our website for further screenings? see Movie Premiere page...also donations welcome anytime!
Thanks for you support

Mr Mustard is pleased to help the Second Sight charity by advertising their forthcoming film. Lucy Mathen is a good friend of his good friend and he hopes to meet Lucy one day as she is a self-evidently a wonderful person and works tirelessly for this charity.

An extra-ordinary tale of how a chance game of football with village girls completely transformed a forgotten corner of rural India and the eye hospital at the centre of the community.

at The Screen on the Green Everyman cinema, Islington, London N1
on Sunday November 11 between 10.30am and 1pm

There will be a Q and A session afterwards with the film-makers.

This is a fund-raising event for SECOND SIGHT the charity many of you have been supporting for years and some of you have supported only since hearing about the Football connection with our work!

Please come willing to give generously. Or if you cannot make it send along someone (you, reading this blog, that is who Lucy means) who might enjoy this Feel Good Film of the Year...and part with their money in return!

Every £15 raised will cure a blind adult
Every £20 raised will fund the cataract operation of a blind child

Not a penny will be taken out for admin or salaries. That, you remember, is the Second Sight way!

Please RSVP to email lucymathen@yahoo.com

Best wishes

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Mr Mustard hopes that your diary permits you to go along.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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