21 June 2011

Where your money goes #1 - CDT Design Ltd

Mr Mustard is going to develop a series of blogs in order to highlight some of the spending of Barnet Council because very little is known about it. As the Council are committed to transparency I feel sure they will be falling over themselves to write and thank me.
The following payments were made to CDT Design in the first quarter of 2011:
Please provide full details of the services provided.

My response to your request is below.


CDT Design supported the design of a new website for the council to be launched later in the year and their charges cover work associated with this.  "Supported" the design. More OneBarnet speak. Did they design it or did they just sit and watch. Another FOI request required.

They have also been involved in supporting the ‘Barnet Jobs’ website. Anyone else want £25,000 for supporting Barnet Council ? How many websites does OneCouncil need. One less.

Hang on a minute. 2,700 jobs are going and you are running up a new website to find more staff. Doesn't that seem a bit perverse or is it a website to help newly sacked staff find new jobs elsewhere ?

Both of these websites are expected to lead to significant savings for the council. Now where have we heard that before, perhaps it was in connection with SAP whose cost has more or less trebled from £8million to £20million-odd ( not exactly sure ) and the shortcomings of which have been so painfully exposed in the MetPro debacle. But if the expectations are not met will anyone notice and can that vague hope ( significant ? - no figures provided ) even be stood up anyway, I doubt it.
Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Nick Walkley

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