16 June 2011

How an old mobile phone will save you £60 p.a.

Go on have a look around your home and see how many old mobile phones you have.

This is how you make a possible £60 or more a year from one.

  • You live in a London Borough of Barnet CPZ and drive a car
  • You now have to pay at least £100 a year for it to be somewhere near your home
  • A Finchley resident, David Attfield, a Solicitor, has applied for judicial review
  • He needs funds for the judicial review 
  • see the website http://barnetcpz.blogspot.com
  • He can get some funds by selling old mobile telephones
  • If he wins the resident permits will once again be £40 and you will save at least £60 p.a.
All you have to do is to post your mobile to :-

Barnet CPZ Action
88 Summerlee Ave
N2 9QH

Thank you for helping

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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