18 June 2011

Spot the difference ?

( now called Evolution Emergency Response )

Everyone likes a game of spot the difference ?

Click on the links above for 2 brochures or see the MetPro page on the right.

Sorry, it was too easy, even a novice would spot the change of name ( no, not at Barnet Council, really ! ) no prize, apart from a £100k + salary or consultancy fee, for spotting the change of word from Rapid to Emergency.

Did you spot though that both claimed to have been working for Barnet Council at Barbara Langstone House since December 07 - funny that, as MetPro Emergency Response were only incorporated ( i.e. came into being ) on 13 January 2011 because there was an emergency, the impending Liquidation of MetPro Rapid Response.

I have put the two brochures on pages to the right as they will probably drop out of sight on the internet before too long.

Of course it could also be that other old game "Spot the ball"(s up ) - Deluxe executive version 2006 -2011 - Blogger rules apply.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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