3 June 2011

Gravy Train - Column 3 of 8

Column 3 of the chart covers Children's Services which are important. There are 5 senior employees listed. Starting at the top :-

Director of Children's Services - Mr Robert McCulloch-Graham
on a salary of £165,504

This is what he said in September 2010 ( see the full article in the Barnet Times )

CHILDREN'S services in Barnet are facing “financial armageddon” as the council prepares to lose £18 million in grants to help look after youngsters.

The council is limited in what it can provide, with an estimated overspend on this year's budget of more than £840,000.

Robert McCulloch-Graham, head of children's services, told members of the budget scrutiny committee: “These are very difficult times we're entering into. We've called it financial armageddon in children's services as everything has come at the same time.

We've had the general reduction everyone is facing but we're also expecting to lose £18m of grants while facing an increase in demand at the same time.

All this coming together does make it particularly challenging for us.”

Armageddon does not seem to have affected his salary, funny that ! Come on, 20% off leaves you on £132,403 - you could manage on that surely ?

Deputy Director - Children's Services - Jay Mercer
on a salary of £124,354

Acting Assistant Director - Children's Social Care - Marion Ingram
on a salary of £91,215
now replaced I think by Ann Graham in a permanent capacity. Salary to be confirmed.

Assistant Director - Schools & Learning - Mick Quigley
on a salary of £91,215 ( an obviously popular salary )

Assistant Director – Policy, Performance and Planning - Val White
on a salary of £86,823
It is the position and the salary that matters more than the person so if any of these people have moved on recently Mr Mustard will update this blog.

So there we are, just the top tier of management in this service costs £559,111 ( + on costs ) each year. The next layer of management can be found under "Pages" at the top right of the blog.

There are no little Mustardlings so Mr Mustard will leave it to others to comment upon the size and value of this service.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 

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