19 June 2011

Because I'm worth it ?

This is a cut and paste from page 65 of the (unaudited) Accounts to 31 March 2011 which notes remuneration packages of more than £150,000.

Post name & title
Salary Compensation Pension Total

including for contributions Remuneration

fees & loss of

allowances office

£ £ £ £
Chief Executive - Mr N Walkley
200,976 - - 49,842 250,818
Executive Director for Environment & Development - Mr B Reynolds i 86,922 280,485 21,541 388,948
Director of Children's Services - Mr R McCulloch-Graham
165,504 - - 41,045 206,549
Acting Director of Health Integration - Ms I Findlay ii 165,504 106,685 41,045 313,234

618,906 387,169 153,473 1,159,548

i) Mr Brian Reynolds was an employee at Barnet until 17 September 2010. His annualised salary was £187,239 for 2010/11.
ii) Ms Irene Findlay was the Director of Adult Social Services from 1st April 2010 to 26th May 2010. She was then appointed to Acting Director of Health Integration until 31st March 2011.

Look at those payoffs which Mr Reasonable has already identified in his blog.
Look to Mr Reasonable's blog for the big financial picture.
Look to mine for the nitty gritty.

If you don't think that these officers are worth the money then go and see your Councillor and ask them what they are doing. I doubt the answer will be satisfactory but you will at least wake them up.
Do you earn more than £50,000 - look Mr Walkley has £49,842 paid by Barnet Council ( using our money ) just into his pension scheme in a year. Does this strike you as obscene ? Then do something.

Over a quarter of a million pounds for one man to leave Barnet Council. Does that sound a bit generous to you - was it legally necessary ? Mr Mustard is making it his business to find out and when he does you will read about it here.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Barnet has form when it comes to rewarding failure. When Mike Freestone was sacked over the Aerodrome Road scandal, information was given to DCMD suggesting that he received a £250,000 payoff. See:



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