12 February 2015

Triple (no) chance

There are 3 reasons why you shouldn't park like the red car in the picture above, anywhere in Greater London:

1   Outside the bay markings is a contravention
2   The rear passenger side wheel is on the pavement in contravention
3   The car is partially across a dropped kerb in contravention

You'll make the traffic warden dizzy deciding which contravention to issue a PCN for. The traffic warden didn't choose contravention #1 as that is a lower rate £60 contravention. He/she chose one of the others which is £110.

It rained later and the PCN was slipped under the wiper on the pavement side so the driver never got it. Parking management agreed with Mr Mustard to accept the discounted sum of £55 on this occasion (they won't every time) and are investigating whether they can buy plastic PCN wallets which make a tube around the wiper arm so that far fewer PCN go missing and as that way the driver will not be deprived of the opportunity to pay at 50%. The parking manager does want to be fair and often is (not every time but then Mr Mustard may occasionally ask for too much).

Drivers - be sensible and avoid predatory traffic wardens by not committing stupid offences.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Be nice if councils acknowledged their mistakes too !


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