4 February 2015

Barnet Hospital - Blue Badge problem & solution

Mr Mustard was contacted by a blue badge holder and gave her the following advice:

Dear *************

I have updated my advice on the blog about Barnet hospital parking tickets.

I attach a copy. Start by talking to PALS and also register your blue badge and car at reception on your next visit to the hospital.

I think you found me through the local paper. Perhaps it is time you appeared in it to talk about the Barnet hospital problem as lots of Blue Badge holders still don't realise you have to register at reception.

If you need more help do please email me again.

Best regards

The first line of the advice (follow the light blue link above) was to go to reception where Mr Mustard didn't think there would be much joy to have. Perhaps, as the hospital trust read his blog, they have improved the service, as this is what the response was from the lady with the problem:

Dear Mr Mustard

Many thanks for all the info re Barnet Hospital. In fact I went to hospital reception and asked to register and requested my ticket be cancelled - and it was - there and then. Very surprising. You can now stay 4 hours free with Badge.

For once there has been little hassle!

Best wishes

So now Mr Mustard's advice is updated. If you get a Parking Eye PCN through the post, pop back to the hospital as soon as it is convenient, go to reception, register your badge and any vehicle you might use it in, and ask for the Parking Charge Notice to be cancelled.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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