15 February 2015

Grand Arcade

Mr Mustard met the amazing octogenarian Keith Martin on Saturday, having co-incidentally, just exited the balloon shop. Keith's wife had painted this card and full of energy as ever Keith was taking the direct approach to sales and visiting local shopkeepers.

The A5 sized card with envelope costs £1.50 (+ postage if ordered from keith.martin18@btinternet.comkeith.martin18@btinternet.com which Mr Mustard, who gave Waitrose £3.50 for a birthday card the other day (emergency purchase and the newsagent was closed otherwise it would have been 89p) thinks that is very good value as thank you cards or for writing short notes to friends.

Keith is a local publisher, and you will find interesting books on local history and other subjects here.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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