13 February 2015

Traffic wardens scoring penalties faster than Saracens do

Mr Mustard seems to be permanently in a ruck with the parking back office contesting Saracens' zone PCN. They are entirely avoidable. The signs as you enter the zone are easy to miss but if you ever go to Mill Hill or Hendon or anywhere within about 2km of the ground you might find yourself sitting under a time plate which says Event Day on it without knowing if it is an Event Day or not.

NSL see it as a great event day out on which they can issue between 200 & 500 PCN without any great effort.

You can avoid such a simple and costly error by printing out this blog post (see the icon at the end for pdf/print) and putting it in your car. You can check if the fixture list has changed by using this link.

Don't give the traffic warden an easy score. The next Event Day is on Sunday.

Let's turn Event Days into non events.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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