6 February 2015

What a difference a bay makes

There are numerous problems caused by the PayByPhone system in use in Barnet with people frequently paying for the wrong location and ending up at PATAS (and often losing). This is partly because there are around 460 locations in Barnet.

Neighbouring Enfield has far fewer, viz:

on street locations, "Southgate" all of it, simples
off street, presumably
which makes it much harder to go wrong and pay for the wrong bay. If you are in Southgate, say, and look at the wrong sign, you will still pay for the correct place and amount.

Even better, elderly folk who don't like to use mobile phones and/or don't have debit or credit cards can visit Enfield without stressing as the meters still take coin of the realm.

Barnet would do well to adopt this system perhaps by changing one town centre per quarter in order to spread the cost of new signs out.

To apologise for the terrible pun at the start, you can now enjoy a song


Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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