2 May 2014

Mill Hill candidate - Rolf Clayton

A smart man Mr Clayton, he wrote to the bloggers to introduce himself as we have some influence and every vote counts, so if even one Mill Hill ward voter reads this and puts an X in the Clayton box it was worth his time.

Mr Mustard likes the sound of Rolf, he will listen to you which is admirable and then he will act and he has ideas on parking which Mr Mustard would vote for. He strikes Mr Mustard as having the sort of no nonsense common sense approach which is often missing from the current ruling councillors.

Rolf doesn't know, and he is entering a new arena where there is a lot to learn, that residents can already inspect Barnet's Accounts once a year usually in June and make an appointment to meet the external auditor (Mr Mustard isn't a fan of him as he thinks that Mr Hughes might be the least inquisitive auditor that Mr Mustard has ever met). The notice advertising the open inspection period will probably be found here in due course.

If you live in Mill Hill and like the sound of Rolf then give him your vote. It is your vote to use as you like; it would be good if everyone who is eligible to vote made the small effort that is required to do so.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Wrong advice, Mr M, if you want to get rid of the current Tory administration. The harsh truth is, unless you want them back in for another four hellish years, you must vote for the only party that can kick them out, and that is Labour. Independent candidates like Rolf may be perfectly honourable people, but they split the opposition vote, and will return the present bunch of villains to power. That would be an absolute disaster.

  2. Not true, you'll just get another load of numpties all nodding through everything put in front of them by the faceless and unaccountable officials. The biggest problem in government central and local are the unaccountable officials, and their gold-plated secure jobs. They can do what they like, basically; and do !!

  3. I agree with Mrs Angry less frequently than Brian Coleman, but she is right about independents – they tend to split the opposition vote. There are, of course, always exceptions to the rule but Mr Clayton’s lack of knowledge as to the workings of the council will, on this occasion, work against him, however amiable a chap he may be. His leaflet seems to be saying “These are my policies, but if you don’t like them I will come up with some new ones”.

    The only independent with a realistic chance of being elected in Barnet this month is your good friend Mr Coleman. For students and observers of politics, it will be an interesting result whatever the outcome. Will Mr Coleman be thrown out of the council as residents finally get tired of his controversies? Or will he win on the basis of name recognition on the ballot slip?

  4. Der ain't no such 'ting as bad publicity !

    Wasn't it Jimmy Durrant who said that ? I have to say it seems proved in the UK at least.


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